Report: What is nationality? Dec 2014

Nationality … what matters to you and why? How can we make it work for us?nationality Post Scottish referendum and with serious ongoing challenges in Ukraine, Syria and Palestine to name but a few, in this Thinking Tank we took an open minded, open hearted and challenging look at the concept of nationality and its value and price in modern society.

Maybe you are a Scot disappointed at the recent referendum. Or a New Zealander wondering about your new flag. Maybe you no longer identify with what your nation is doing, or maybe you have moved around the world and don’t quite belong where you are or where you used to be.

Read the report and find out what we concluded together about the risks and rewards of nationality and why we should be taking a more conscious stance. The Thinking Tank Report Nationality 1412   Dive into the Thinking Tank today to share your insights and consider those of the diverse group of participants we have come to expect. for a short while today think freely about something that affects us all and let’s see where we can get together.You can share your views in advance on twitter #ttt.

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