Next Tank: 16 June 2011: To network or to notwork?

Is twittering just for twits? Or can you not work without networking? Are you face to face or screen to screen? What does that reveal about you?

Here is a random selection from tweets on #networking:

  • How to: Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Tired of adapting to Facebooks constant changes? Need a new networking platform?
  • Driving Results Through the Power of Social Networking
  • The invent of the social networking sites have made everyone these self-imposed multi talented humans

Just a quick sample but already it shows what an obsession this is all becoming.

  • I tweet therefore I am? (Tweet now with #notworking)
  • Do you use work to avoid networking or the opposite?
  • What is the breakthrough thinking that takes this up a notch from chatting aimlessly at the virtual bus stop to something that can change our world?
  • Top tips for networking?
  • Top tips for notworking?

Join the debate live online here. 4pm UK time. Thursday June 16th

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