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As we neared the 2012 Olympics the Thinking Tank examined what the concept of Olympian has to do with those of us not participating. We considered the 3 Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence.


Right after the discussion we tweet the top comments. Here they are:

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  • top tip for : fight against corruption more obviously
  • top tip for : give prizes beyond the competitions to the athletes with the “best” behaviour
  • Enjoy the games as much as possible, and celebrate successes
  • Friendship is important to make the world a ‘better’ place and is indeed based upon respect
  • the major world problems we have are conflicts, and respect for others is a panacea for conflict
  • [we need to increase] respect: for different people in different situations, having a open view
  • Athletes train a lifetime to excel in their disciplines and inspire many around the world as role models

Latte report

Afternoon Tea Report

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Join us online, 4pm UK time, Jul 19 and let’s see how Olympian we are. Meanwhile tweet your views #tttolympian

So how might we apply Olympian values to other aspects of our lives? The Olympic Museum website describes the Olympic approach as:

A life philosophy — Promotion of three core values : excellence, friendship and respect.
  • According to Kimon Valskakis, Professor of Economics at the University of Montreal, Olympian philosophy is a good basis for moral capitalism.
  • Find out here which of the 12 Olympian gods/goddesses you are most like

On July 19th from 4pm (UK time, for 45 mins) we will be discussing if and how the Olympian tradition fits with our own lives.

Join us online, 4pm UK time, Jul 19 and let’s see how Olympian we are. Meanwhile tweet your views #tttolympian

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