Transforming Politics in the 21st Century 11 Jun 2015

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I’ve just returned from a debate at the RSA on transforming politics in the UK. The resounding – and familiar – conclusion is that the adversarial party political system is so over. Fit for purpose 200 years ago it now woefully ignores advances in technology, citizen empowerment and expected standards of public service. Click here to join the […]

Next debate: Sun Mar 8 International Women’s Day 2015

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Click here to join the discussion on Sunday Mar 8th (4pm UK time, 5pm CET, 12pm EST) The original version of the film The Battle of the Sexes was made in 1914… and while it might sound anachronistic it seems we’re not done yet. The most likely person to kill a woman is still her partner. 44% of women in […]

Report: What is nationality? Dec 2014

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Nationality … what matters to you and why? How can we make it work for us? Post Scottish referendum and with serious ongoing challenges in Ukraine, Syria and Palestine to name but a few, in this Thinking Tank we took an open minded, open hearted and challenging look at the concept of nationality and its value […]

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Olympian values: RESULTS

As we neared the 2012 Olympics the Thinking Tank examined what the concept of Olympian has to do with those of us not participating. We considered the 3 Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence.


Right after the discussion we tweet the top comments. Here they are:

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  • top tip for : fight against corruption more obviously
  • top tip for : give prizes beyond the competitions to the athletes with the “best” behaviour
  • Enjoy the games as much as possible, and celebrate successes
  • Friendship is important to make the world a ‘better’ place and is indeed based upon respect
  • the major world problems we have are conflicts, and respect for others is a panacea for conflict
  • [we need to increase] respect: for different people in different situations, having a open view
  • Athletes train a lifetime to excel in their disciplines and inspire many around the world as role models

Latte report

Afternoon Tea Report

Read everything here

Join us online, 4pm UK time, Jul 19 and let’s see how Olympian we are. Meanwhile tweet your views #tttolympian

So how might we apply Olympian values to other aspects of our lives? The Olympic Museum website describes the Olympic approach as:

A life philosophy — Promotion of three core values : excellence, friendship and respect.
  • According to Kimon Valskakis, Professor of Economics at the University of Montreal, Olympian philosophy is a good basis for moral capitalism.
  • Find out here which of the 12 Olympian gods/goddesses you are most like

On July 19th from 4pm (UK time, for 45 mins) we will be discussing if and how the Olympian tradition fits with our own lives.

Join us online, 4pm UK time, Jul 19 and let’s see how Olympian we are. Meanwhile tweet your views #tttolympian

Eventbrite - Thinking Tank debate: Are you Olympian?

The F-word Apr 12

Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience.” Active in the late 1700s, Mary Wollstonecraft is considered one of the founding feminist philosophers. It’s been around as long as women, so what do we need feminism to do today? Or is it simply past its sell-by date?

Join us online, 4pm UK time, Apr 12 and let’s see how we think about feminism in 2012. Meanwhile tweet your views #tttfeminism

Here are a few points of view to get you thinking

@BillyBragg on physical equality: Anyone who believes that equality has been achieved and feminism no longer matters should listen to the women at #ididnotreport

@Pimpleye: I’m glad such a thing as feminism exists, it gives women something to occupy themselves with whilst the men do important stuff.

@Platform51: Our Woman of the Week is Fawzia Koofi, brave champion of feminism in Afghanistan.

@thenatfantastic: if you think you’re being ‘held back by feminism‘, chances are you are actually being held back by gross stupidity.

There is no shortage of strongly held views for and against, by both men and women. What are you thinking on this subject these days? Still work to be done? Time for a strategic repositioning? Wither feminism in 2012?

Join us online, 4pm UK time, Apr 12 and let’s see how we think

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Post-capitalism? Where next 1 Mar 2012

Now it turns out the crock of gold at the rainbow wasn’t quite what we expected, there is much debate about where we go from here. Let’s say we consider deBono’s approach of zero budget thinking. If nothing was already decided, what would we want our socio-economic model to look like? That’s too big a question, […]

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Results: the passing of time

On Jan 26 we paused for thought to consider our relationship with time. We were joined by Old Father Time who posed some challenging questions. Quotes below got majority support from the group. Those in bold were top 10 statements. Read the full list here Thinking Tank Time or read the summary below Short of time? […]

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Modern Rituals. 22 Dec 2011

In the December 2011 Thinking Tank we considered rituals and their role in modern society. Some of the discussion focused on Christmas preparations but we also considered marriage, funerals and other rituals. There was some dissent over what was a ritual and what was just a habit, but in general a triumph of personal meaning […]

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War on Drugs? Nov 24.

In June of this year one blog made this summary “Forty years and $1 trillion later, America’s “War on Drugs” remains a costly, colossal failure – as evidenced by a new report released this week by the Global Commission on Drug Policy.” Click here to join the debate at 4pm UK time, Thurs Nov 24 […]

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Prosperity debate 20.10.11

As the euro wobbles and personal and national debts mount around the world, we took a moment approaching Diwali to debate prosperity. Which involved into a debate around prosperity and scarcity – the yin and yang of creativity and progress according to the group. Here are some highlights of what they said (statements in italics […]

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Next: Sep 29th 4pm. Lies, damn lies…

Next discussion When do you lie? Does it matter? Is lying increasing or on the wane as transparency shifts our expectations but mobile phones and Second Life allow us to be who we want, when we want? Good for you? Bad for me? CLICK HERE to join the discussion on Sep 29th Stimulus: The Most […]

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Results from 21.07.2011 debate. The Murdoch Effect.

ESPRESSO SUMMARY Power corrupts: we must all be vigilant and selective. We need to get our information from different sources , always to balance and weigh  whatever comes our way Watchwords: Governance, ownership, checks and balances, avoid concentration of power In Latin America we also see a similar phenomenon with the media companies and their […]

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4pm 21.07.2011 debate. The Murdoch Effect. Just desserts or Just a Blip?

Recent events in the UK have jeopardised Murdoch’s bid to control satellite TV. Relationships that have come to light between media, politicians and police have caused many questions to be asked. Click here to join us 4pm (UK time) July 21st. In this month’s Thinking Tank we consider Are these cosy arrangements inevitable or should […]

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