Transforming Politics in the 21st Century 11 Jun 2015

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I’ve just returned from a debate at the RSA on transforming politics in the UK. The resounding – and familiar – conclusion is that the adversarial party political system is so over. Fit for purpose 200 years ago it now woefully ignores advances in technology, citizen empowerment and expected standards of public service. Click here to join the […]

Next debate: Sun Mar 8 International Women’s Day 2015

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Click here to join the discussion on Sunday Mar 8th (4pm UK time, 5pm CET, 12pm EST) The original version of the film The Battle of the Sexes was made in 1914… and while it might sound anachronistic it seems we’re not done yet. The most likely person to kill a woman is still her partner. 44% of women in […]

Report: What is nationality? Dec 2014

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Nationality … what matters to you and why? How can we make it work for us? Post Scottish referendum and with serious ongoing challenges in Ukraine, Syria and Palestine to name but a few, in this Thinking Tank we took an open minded, open hearted and challenging look at the concept of nationality and its value […]

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Results: Is networking notworking?

Our June Thinking Tank reflected on the rights and wrongs and changing trends in networking – online and offline. More below…

Espresso summary

Online networking in particular is on balance seen more as a force for good, encouraging transparency, connectedness and egalitarianism.

  • benefits: Egypt
  • benefits: an online debate includes a much wider audience not just a handful behind closed doors
  • consequences: transparency will become a bigger issue. We must think about what we stand for and live with integrity
  • tools: certainly not Facebook. Too much info too easy to grab

Medium summary

USAGE: All participants network more now than 5 years ago, mostly much more. The additional networking is on-line though offline is still used – in a focused and contributory way.

  • online platforms are a great tools to get back in touch with people we somehow lost track of
  • more efficient use of my professional time, especially with respect to increased time pressure
  • Offline I am having more focussed conversations with people I largely know, making the most of relationships that are already solid

BEHAVIOUR: there is not a consensus on how personal behaviour changes online

  • I think I am more open, more human, online (SPLIT VOTE)
  • still weird to market yourselves almost as a product  this way (SPLIT VOTE)

TOOLS: most mentioned is LinkedIn. Feels safer and more professional for the group. Also useful for finding the right people to employ or collaborate with. Facebook seen as much more lightweight – entertainment and gossip, not serious business. Not much twitter yet for these senior managers.

  • those profiles on LinkedIn do help to stay in touch or to find people with specific qualifications
  • I find twitter the most efficient for developing contnections in a new sphere (SPLIT VOTE)

BENEFITS: The speed of communicating uncensored information has risks but is mostly seen as a benefit. There is a sense that conversations are more direct, fairer, more objective – more productive.

  • indeed there is much more social openness in groups on the net then in real life
  • Now an idea can gather support, be challenged, be improved, increase awareness and get implemented in a much shorter space of time
  • crowdsourcing to generate ideas in any possible fields
  • more people can participate.. it creates a new democratice force
  • you connect on the basis of shared needs / interests – which makes it easier to set a step towards ‘action’
  • more egalitarian in terms of rich/poor countries and individuals. Not just the CEOs and presidents who know the score.

RISKS: there is only half as much support for comments about risks – of course they exist, but they are not seen to be as important as the benefits. There was some concern of risk of fraud and manipulation but not widely supported.

  • lack of critical reflection
  • fragmentation of focus and shallow analysis
  • good people or organisations can get taken down by an online campaign that spreads like wildfire but is just malicious, not true

FUTURE: the majority think that online networking is a game changer and it will make a difference to how we work, how we present ourselves to the world and what we can achieve.

  • We are just a the beginning of learning how powerful we can be if we connect
  • Surprisingly it is in world of politics that we have witnessed impact the most so far, but this is very new, business will follow with some dramatic changes due to networking
  • Maybe the idea of work has to change to reconcile this! [networking/notworking]
  • I think we are in a new world: Egypt, Tunis, Libya, Syria are all examples of this new world.

And final word of advice from our posters to all our readers:

  • follow your values and don’t post crap

Grande summary

This pdf file contains all the 64 statements that made it to Synthetron (supported) status plus the results of the polls. Interesting to note that 36% of the Synthetrons were originally stated by the same participant – one of you has their finger on the pulse! 1106 The Thinking Tank Networking or Notworking full report

Next Tank: 16 June 2011: To network or to notwork?

Is twittering just for twits? Or can you not work without networking? Are you face to face or screen to screen? What does that reveal about you?

Here is a random selection from tweets on #networking:

  • How to: Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Tired of adapting to Facebooks constant changes? Need a new networking platform?
  • Driving Results Through the Power of Social Networking
  • The invent of the social networking sites have made everyone these self-imposed multi talented humans

Just a quick sample but already it shows what an obsession this is all becoming.

  • I tweet therefore I am? (Tweet now with #notworking)
  • Do you use work to avoid networking or the opposite?
  • What is the breakthrough thinking that takes this up a notch from chatting aimlessly at the virtual bus stop to something that can change our world?
  • Top tips for networking?
  • Top tips for notworking?

Join the debate live online here. 4pm UK time. Thursday June 16th

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Results: why we are not as ethical as we think

Why We Fail to Do What’s Right and What to Do about It. We examine our own ethical standards

May 19, 2011 1
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Next Thinking Tank 19.05.2011 “We’re not as ethical as we think”

This is the challenge thrown down by Max H. Bazerman, a professor at Harvard Business School, and Ann E. Tenbrunsel, a professor of business ethics at the University of Notre Dame. Their new book examines the reality gap between how “good” we like to think we are and what we do in practice. Uncomfortable stuff. […]

April 28, 2011 0
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Thinking Tank 21.03.2011 Global or local?

The subject for this week’s Thinking Tank discussion Is Local or Global? Where would you start to make the world a better place? When I worked in multinationals and international development, I was all for global solutions. The more time I spend at a microcommunity level the more I wonder if it isn’t just the […]

April 18, 2011 0
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Next Thinking Tank 17.03.2011 4pm OR 8pm GMT

In our next discussion we will consider Enlightenment 2.0. What does it mean to you? Does it matter? Does it help? Both discussions will follow a similar format, though the journey can be quite different depending on who is there. Pick the time that suits you best 4pm GMT or 8pm GMT. Be enlightening, be […]

February 22, 2011 0
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Thinking Tank on Crime and Punishment 17.02.2011

In this debate we took a broad look at the challenging area of crime and punishment. Considering reports of high correlations of those in prison and those with dyslexia, communications disorders, child abuse, sexual abuse etc, maybe it is time we reflected on how to address crime in a more integrated way – and we […]

February 17, 2011 0
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Homeless or hopeless? Thinking Tank 20.01.2011

A thoughtful discussion with widespread empathy for the cruelty of homelessness and its impact not just practically but in a wider sense it must simply be awful if involuntary being homeless would be an extreme vulnerability nowhere to rest Why does it happen? There was reflection on the individual’s state of mind and external factors […]

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Peace Thinking Tank 16.12.2010

A far from peaceful debate, though with slightly more convergence around barriers to peace than we saw regarding desirability or actions for peace.

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The Earth Talks Back. Thinking Tank 21.01.2010

We structured our debate a little differently this time, asking participants to have a conversation with Planet Earth. This approach gave a different flavour to the debate – making it a bit more immediate and touching. Here is some of what was said: Q: Please share your reasons for joining today’s debate I am here […]

January 21, 2010 0
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