What’s next?

We are in the process of developing our programme of Thinking Tank debates and, as always, welcome some co-creation.

Here are some of the ideas that have been suggested. What do you think we should do first? Or do you have another idea?

  • Beware of the loan shark. How has short term credit been so successful in persuading people to make what can end up being catastrophic choices about their finances. As the Archbishop of Canterbury rails against Payday Loans we look at short term credit and the reasons it exists. Causes like lower benefits and higher costs as well as social aspects like the shame of asking for help outweighing the shame of asking for money. And we wonder what we can learn from Wonga and co to improve the situation.
  • What’s the point of old people? As western society creates more ways to separate its citizens by age are we missing a trick? What if old people are not just a problem to be dealt with but a valuable resource? What can they offer and how could they improve their connectedness to support that? A hotbed of ideas from young and old to redress the balance and include the elderly in our world.
  • When is murder justified?┬áThe psychological test of who you would sacrifice to save lives is well known. It’s a tough one to consider but when is murder the least worst option?
  • Decline of the West. Is it true – as Niall Ferguson claims? Do we care? What will improve or deteriorate or just stay the same? Participants welcome from East and West (and North and South) to hammer this out

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