Results from 21.07.2011 debate. The Murdoch Effect.


Power corrupts: we must all be vigilant and selective.

  • We need to get our information from different sources , always to balance and weigh ¬†whatever comes our way

Watchwords: Governance, ownership, checks and balances, avoid concentration of power

  • In Latin America we also see a similar phenomenon with the media companies and their power

The clean up process: ugly but welcome

  • Personally I thought that anyway so I am glad that it has been exposed like this. There are many honourable police officers but also systemic corruption that needs to be rooted out.
We are all part of the problem or part of the solution
  • Good reminder that we all make many choices each day. Sometimes the choice is to do what’s convenient or to do what is right.. If we go with convenient we are each part of the problem.


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4pm 21.07.2011 debate. The Murdoch Effect. Just desserts or Just a Blip?

Recent events in the UK have jeopardised Murdoch’s bid to control satellite TV. Relationships that have come to light between media, politicians and police have caused many questions to be asked. Click here to join us 4pm (UK time) July 21st.

In this month’s Thinking Tank we consider

  • Are these cosy arrangements inevitable or should we fight to expose them?
  • Does this decision signify a new era of transparency or is it just a one off?

Previous Thinking Tanks have often cited the media as the cause of the problem.

  • Is this a moment of truth for their role in our lives?
  • Or are they right when they blame consumers who buy the scandal and horror stories?

Don’t miss out. Have your say in this debate and let’s make the news for ourselves.

Click here to join us 4pm (UK time) July 21st.

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